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Boo&Finni is Just Emerson (Boo) and Jennifer Arnold (Finni). Emerson is originally from Dracut Massachusetts and Jennifer is originally from Jonesboro Arkansas.

Emerson and Jen met in graduate school in 2012 where they both received their MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University NYS College of Ceramics.

Boo&Finni was the name of a shared sketch book passed back and forth during grad school, with goofy drawings and funny solutions to issues encountered while making sculptures.

Over the years they have slowly brought their designs and ideas to life as functional sculptures, pottery, jewelry and lamps.

Currently Em and Jen are full time ceramic artists and makers, selling online and in person at the Downtown Memphis Farmer's Market and The Cooper Young Farmers Market. 


Our goal as a ceramic collaborative is to push ourselves creatively by constantly challenging and encouraging one another. The best discoveries originate from curiosity and our main objective is to play and get excited about new ideas.

We take a handmade approach to kitsch and add a little humor with a touch of taboo subject matter. We like to offer an element of surprise for anyone who decides to take a moment, or invest in one of our pieces. Your curiosity and investigation is what gives our work a platform to express itself. 

Thank you for reading and taking a moment to understand our background. Every bit of interest helps us to be full time makers, which isn't always the easiest road to go down. We are determined to live and thrive off the work we make and sell.  Love B&F

Here are some examples of our sculptural work.

Jen's background is in figurative ceramics with autobiographical components.

Emerson's background is in carpentry, welding, slip casting, production pottery and BMX.

Many of our combined ideas stem from our collective ceramic education and nostalgia of our youth and humor. 

Just Emerson



Massachusetts college of art and design  

BFA of Ceramic Arts 2004 to 2008 

NYS College of Ceramics Alfred University 

MFA of Ceramic Arts 2012 to 2014



Anderson Ranch - 2015

Watershed - Artists invite Artists 2017

Studio for Arts and Works 

Jennifer Arnold


Penn State University 

BFA of Ceramic Arts 2008 to 2010

Virginia Commonwealth University 

Post Baccalaureate 2011

NYS College of Ceramics Alfred University

MFA of Ceramic Arts 2012 to 2014


Beijing The Central Academy of Fine Arts 2014

Watershed - Artists invite Artists 2017

Carbondale Clay Center 2019 - 2020

Studio for Arts and Works 


 We are both full time ceramic makers, we hand make, design and produce everything from start to finish in our home studio. A fresh take and high quality products is our number one intention. 

Here are some images with descriptions of our living and work space. We are able to be full time makers because we are hustling, thrifting, compromising, sacrificing and crafty with our reality continuing to be artists no matter what. 

We hope you enjoy and if you ever have questions about our work or how we survive as makers, message us! 


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